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Protect Your Wealth

For those you care about.


Insurance isn’t just for you — it’s for the people you care about.

That's why it's essential to make sure you and your family are protected if you lose the ability to work due to illness, disability, or an accident. 

We work with you to determine exactly how much coverage you need, and then develop the most effective insurance strategy for your current circumstances, with an eye towards balancing cost and peace of mind.

What we achieve

  • Maintain your lifestyle and that of your family. We’ll do this by protecting greatest asset – your income – in case of illness, disability, or an accident.
  • Protect your income and largest assets through Super. Did you know you can pay for insurance through Super? By doing this, you can reduce the strain on your budget while enjoying tax-deductible premiums.
  • Reduce the long term cost of your insurance by selecting the right payment option for you. We’ll conduct a full exploration of your financial world to determine the appropriate structure.
  • Eliminate your debt on death, disability or illness. You might not know that your debt doesn’t disappear if you die. We’ll make sure your insurance is able to eliminate your outstanding debt and provide peace of mind.
  • Protect your retirement and inheritance plans if a family member becomes ill or disabled. We’ll do this by ensuring you and your family are adequately protected by insurance.

What we do

  1. We thoroughly examine your financial world to determine the right scope and structure of your insurance plan.
  2. We go through your existing insurance policies and explore all your options to ensure you have the most appropriate cover for the strategy we create for you.
  3. We confirm your details and situation with insurance providers prior to implementation to make sure you application has a high chance of being accepted.
  4. We design an insurance plan that’s cost-effective for your cashflow requirements and appropriate for the amount of risk you’re willing to take.
  5. We make sure you understand exactly what your insurance plan covers, how it works, and how it is tailored to your personal situation.

"Justin helped me immensely by putting together a comprehensive proposal for various insurance and a self-managed super fund. Not only was he knowledgeable, patient, and timely, he made the entire process and implementation a breeze. His continuing attention is also part of the service whereby he regularly checks in to make sure I'm taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. Justin is one of the best and you won't be disappointed to have him working on your finances."

— Andrew A

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We believe hope is not a plan and leaves too much to chance.

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