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Debt Management

Turn bad debt into good debt.


Debt can be a useful tool to build your wealth and achieve your goals. But if you borrow beyond your means without a clear reason or plan, or if your debt is not soundly structured, it could adversely affect many areas of your life, not just your finances. The good news is there are many cost-effective strategies available to remove debt and enhance wealth. The strategies we employ not only give a financial benefit for you, but provide emotional satisfaction and peace of mind.

We believe that not all debt is created equal. There is a clear difference between good debt and bad debt:

  • Good debt helps you generate income and increases your net worth. Examples include, education, small business ownership, real estate, and tailored investments.
  • Bad debt is used to purchase items that decline in value. Examples include cars, clothes and consumables, or using credit cards for purchases due to their significant interest rate.

Our core belief is that effective debt management is achieved by transforming bad debt into good debt, and using this to build your future.

What we achieve

  • Transform inefficient debt into efficient debt to improve your tax return and ensure you have the capacity to invest in your future.
  • Reduce mortgage debt through our proven payment plan that defines the frequency, amount, and source of repayments.
  • Reduce your interest and repayments and pay off your debt faster by consolidating your debt into a more cost effective structure. Don’t pay more than you need to.
  • Create a snowball effect with your debt reduction. We focus on removing the highest interest debt first, which creates cash flow, allowing you to pay off the next highest interest debt at a faster rate, and so on.
  • Use debt to build wealth. We employ a strategy to transform non-deductible debt into deductible debt, improving your overall tax position while investing in your future.

What we do

  1. We thoroughly analyse your current debt arrangement to determine the right strategy and structure to reduce debt effectively.
  2. While we strategically restructure your debt, we take into consideration your emotional wellbeing and align this with your financial outcome.
  3. We create a tailored debt management plan based on your situation and preferences in order to transform your bad debt into good debt.
  4. We implement a budget review, repayment strategy, and savings approach to keep your interest payments down and free up cash for wealth creation opportunities.
  5. We take care of the implementation for you. We request and complete paperwork, collect all documents, and make sure you’re always up to date on the progress.

Justin is an experienced, hard working financial adviser. He is ethical and knowledgeable, and is passionate to achieve the best results for his clients. I recommend Justin if you are in the market for financial advice.

— Phillip B

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We believe hope is not a plan and leaves too much to chance.

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