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Cash Management

We’ll ensure your retirement is comfortable and worry-free.


At Hyland Financial Planning, we want you to have a sound financial house that will free you from your everyday money worries. Before we can bring your financial goals to life – whatever they may look like – it’s important to build on solid foundations. 

Let’s get things right from the ground up

One of the foundations of having a sound financial house is to get your cash flow and spending under control.

We have access to leading software that allows both our clients and their adviser to continue to work together to build on the strategies and goals surrounding their personal cash flow. This software is accessible via your smart phone and your bank accounts feed directly into the software. 

What we do

First meeting, in person

  • Review current levels of debt, personal financial goals & systems and spending.
  • Develop a conscious spending plan (budget).
  • Discuss current and ideal bank account structure (including automation of accounts).
  • Discuss how to most appropriately categorise your spending: Fixed, Future and Guilt Free.
  • Discuss how to work towards paying down any consumer debt & building an emergency cash reserve.

Second meeting, in person – within the fortnight following the first meeting

  • Setup of software: bank accounts, property, consumer debt and goals.
  • We share and implement the processes and cash flow strategies.

Third meeting, phone/skype – one month after the second meeting

  • Make sure everything is running smoothly and has been setup correctly.
  • Answer any of your questions after the implementation. 

Ongoing relationship – phone/skype – every three months

  • Continue to make sure all is running smoothly.
  • We keep you accountable to your goals. 

"Having worked in financial services and human resources for quite a few years I feel, I very comfortable endorsing Justin's financial planning, wealth management and most importantly his client service skills. Justin goes above and beyond to ensure you get a high quality service which is tailored to your individual needs and risk profile"

— Andrew B

Get started

We believe hope is not a plan and leaves too much to chance.

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