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20 January 2018

New Year Wealth Review 2018


A New Years resolution is a ‘Good Intention’ to make a change. It’s an idea filled with hope that you plan (or at least intend) to carry out. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.

I believe we should ban good intentions, they’re a waste of your time… Ban the good intentions around your home and work. Don’t write them down and call them ‘Goals for 2018’ or some other wishy-washy title on a meaningless post-it note on your fridge because in many cases a lack of time or the first bump in the road can throw us off track.

We’ve all had ‘Good Intentions’ and made these mistakes… but what if we had a crack at doing something else that might ACTUALLY work? Something that might cause us to move forward in life rather than repeat the same day, week, month, or year that we’ve just had?

At Hyland Financial Planning we’ve developed the New Year Wealth Review. We understand what’s important to you, we ask important questions and look at how you’re spending, saving and investing your money and show you how to plan for the future.

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