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18 February 2022

How a Financial Planner Can Make Your Retirement Easier


If you are nearing the end of your working days and wanting to transition comfortably into your retirement phase, it’s important you start with a plan to ensure you are aware of all your options. 

Commonly, people worry about how much money they will need during their retirement and if they have saved enough to outlast their retirement days. You may be someone who is fearful of making the wrong financial decisions during this transition and lead you to steer away from spending money on things that bring you enjoyment. 

Whether that may be spending money on a holiday overseas or spending money on hobbies, the fear of constantly making financial mistakes do not lead to a happy retirement. 

The key is having a financial and retirement strategy with the expert help of a financial planner. These professionals can help you straighten out your retirement plan, work out your investment strategies, retirement options and so on.

1. A Financial Planner Is There To Guide You

A financial planner offers help when you don’t know how to plan for retirement, need guidance or want someone else to look after your assets.

A planner can develop an entire investment strategy that is tailored to your needs and wants. 

Aside from taking care of building your retirement savings plan, they may also select, place, and rebalance investments for you, structure withdrawals from your retirement accounts and rearrange your finances to prioritise your best interests.

2. Expert Understanding of the Financial Market

You might have a casual understanding of how the market works, but financial planners usually monitor and actively manage investments. In addition, they also use investment strategies to help ensure you get a good return on your investments.

The right financial planner may be able to help you understand market trends and tap into data and insights.

They may help you avoid misreading market signals, which can be challenging to do alone, especially if you’re not familiar with the market. 

Moreover, your financial planner can move money in and out of your investments on your behalf.

3. Experience and Knowledge of Financial Matters

Financial planners usually have extensive knowledge about investment options, super funds and tips on financial management. So, they can readily help you with every aspect of your retirement requirements.

Essentially, you should feel comfortable knowing you are making the right financial steps with guidance from an experienced financial planner.

4. Financial Planner May Help Reduce Your Taxes

Retirement planning isn’t all about investments. Sometimes, tax implications may need to be considered since tax laws or your circumstances can change over time. If you’re not careful, an asset could carry heavy tax costs or can harm your overall income and wealth.

Financial planners are readily aware of methods to lower your overall tax burden, advising you on the latest significant changes to legislation. They may also keep you informed about new investments and the pros and cons of your decisions.

Financial planners take the big chunk of the financial stress you’re likely going to go through when it comes to retirement planning.

Their expert knowledge lets them simplify complicated financial options for you. That way, you can focus on achieving both short- and long-term financial goals. Planners can handle the management and implementation of your strategies so that you can relax and enjoy your retirement. 

Hyland Financial Planning was founded on the desire to build a collaborative relationship where our financial planners share an ambition to improve the lives of our clients with strategic planning, wealth creation and wealth success without leaving anything to chance. 

We exist primarily to serve our clients’ best interests and secure their financial futures. If you need a financial planner for retirement planning in Sydney and Hornsby, NSW, 

Take the next step and secure your financial future by booking a 15-minute call with us today!

Let us plan your financial future.

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